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Griffith College, S Circular Rd, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8, D08 V04N

20/21/22 October 2023

Film Network Ireland (FNI) is pleased to announce our new Initiative FNI Fast Fest.

Roll camera, roll with the pros at #WeAreFni 72 hour shoot and screen festival FNI FAST FEST! 🎥🍿👀

Sign up to Join us at The Creative Arts and Screen Media faculty at Griffith College 20th, 21st and 22nd of October for the main challenge weekend. There will be a final screening on the last evening in a reputable Dublin Cinema.

Be at Griffith College from 9.30am on the 20th.

What is it?

This event celebrates the fast-paced and exciting world of film, television and new media. The festival will bring together a range of industry professionals, filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, photographers, animators and more to explore the powerful potential of visual storytelling. This unique event offers attendees the opportunity to engage with some of the most innovative minds in film production and gain valuable insights into international trends in media production. 

At its core, Fast Fest is about showcasing the vibrancy and collaboration within Ireland’s film community FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. It is an ideal platform for emerging talent to network with industry professionals as well as gain further exposure for their work. The festival will feature inspiring talks from leading figures within the creative industries as well as workshops and networking events. 

The festival further provides a unique opportunity to experience first hand the creative talents of the FNI (Film Network Ireland)’s community members. This organisation is dedicated to fostering collaboration between all members of Ireland’s film industry and providing support to both emerging filmmakers and established professionals alike.  

Fni Fast fest, is a ticketed Shoot and screen festival consisting of teams of 5 crew, (minus cast and subjects) providing an exciting opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents to a large audience. Each team, will be mentored by one experienced professional each (mentors TBC), Each team will get the benefit of our core team’s experience generally onsite on Friday.

FNI is a community of film enthusiasts from all over the Island of Ireland with a passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and the art of cinema. The organization offers a range of services to its members, including an Industry podcast, training, guidance, and support to help them excel in their craft.

The 72 hour Filmmaking Competition organized by Film Network Ireland is a fun-filled opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent. As the name suggests, participants have only 72 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film. 

The competition focus on fostering creativity and pushing participants out of their comfort zones within a tight time frame to think and work on their feet. It is an excellent platform for networking with like-minded people in the industry. Skillset and passion will be put to the test as teams race against the clock to tell interesting stories, which will ultimately be screened at a public event. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned professional, this competition provides an unmatched experience and an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself creatively.

Appointed industry judges, along with Audience vote will blindly choose the Winning project and runners up. 

Book an Individual participant ticket or it's advised to book a group ticket which will provide more value. Buy me a coffee members will receive a discounted ticket link. It is strongly encouraged that participants of the fast fest offer accommodation to visiting Filmmakers and Actors from around the Island of Ireland.

The FNI Fast Fest schedule for Friday 20th October

Times subject to slight change.

Friday Morning

  • Registration & Opening address: 09:00

    Welcome to Fast Fest, Explaining the rules, Deadlines, What to expect, Prizes and sponsors input, rules of College and areas out of bounds. With Paul Butler Lennox, Ray Mongey and Liam Mac An Bhaird.

  • Conor McMahon (Let the wrong one in, Stitches) 09:30

    Genre Horror Filmmaking, Effects on a budget.

  • Nick Kelly (the Drummer and the Keeper) 10:00

    Clear and succinct visual storytelling, from concept to script to screen. Ads to features and everything in between.

  • Diarmuid Goggins (Kin, Witness no 3) & Paul Walker (Stardust, RedRock) 10:30

    Working under a tight deadline.

  • Claire Dix (Director of Sunlight) 11:00

    The art of experimentation, Documentary to shorts to Features.

  • Shimmy Marcus founder of Bow Street 11:30

    Moments on screen. How to captivate and create a peaceful and conducive working environment.

  • Frankie Fenton. (Atomic Hope) 12:00

    Telling authentic factual stories and the courage of conviction.

  • Randal Plunket (the Green Sea, Marauders) 12:40

    By any means necessary, getting your film over the line.

Friday Afternoon

  • Mark O’Connor (Cardboard Gangsters, Between the Canals, Darklands) 14:00

    Independent film script writing and dealing with the process.

  • Lynn Rafferty (Taken Down, Love Hate) 15:00

    Creating opportunities for Diverse, strong females in Film.

  • Kino Corner 15:30

    How to make it short and ON TIME! The Organisers of Kino D talk about their experiences running Kino Dublin.

  • Phillip Condren (safe stunts) 16:00

    Considerations for safe stage and screen stunts and combat.

  • Gerry O’Brien 16:30

    Irish Equity Staying true to yourself. Knowing your value.

  • Ronan O’Leary 16:45

    Producer Dodging Bullets as a producer.

  • Pat O’Connor and Helen Lynch 17:00

    Considering Music Composition.

  • Tristan Heanue, Andie McCaffery Byrne, Jamie O’Rourke 17:30

    Getting out of your own way.

  • Fast Fest is GO! 18:00

Participants then have from 6pm Friday until 7pm on Monday 23rd to upload their final film.

The FNI Fast Fest, For Shoot and Screen Machines.

At Film Network Ireland our non agenda based events and classes have regularly drawn thousands of filmmakers from Ireland and beyond over the last 10 years. 

First Prize

will receive 3000e Euros in cash, professional sound mix from Windmill Lane, Screenwriting and Directing mentorship, a rental package and tickets for their core team for all FNI's events and classes for the next 12 months. You'll also be offered a tour of the Windmill Lane studios in Dublin.

Plus an invitation to come on our Industry podcast for a special Video Podcast edition of Fni Wrapchat.

Second Prize

will receive 1000e in cash and Equipment rental package, mentorship for their next project, and tickets for their core team for all FNI's events for the next 12 months. You'll also be offered a tour of the Windmill Lane studios in Dublin.

Third Prize

will receive screenwriting coaching and mentorship, Free tickets to FNI events for 6 months and FNI tee-shirts and merch for their core team. You'll also be offered a tour of the Windmill Lane studios in Dublin.


Make sure to register in advance, tickets are on sale still. 

It all kicks off from 9.30am at Griffith College!

There is no theme. Pre-existing scripts no longer than ten pages and edited to no longer than 10 mins running time are acceptable, No exceptions. The Quality of the finished product is most important.

As many as possible.

There are two facilities available on the weekend. The Conference Centre spaces and a small Green Screen Studio. The Green screen studio is available for two hours per team.
There will be booking forms for these, including edit suites.

There is a FREE ONLINE networking evening for people to team up on the 12th of October. There will be a participant list with participant information available over the weekend. Reserve your ticket here.

It’s Your/Your team’s responsibility to cast and crew your film, In these instances you could use our FNI group of over 21,000 members or the numerous film and tv Facebook groups to gain participants of your team.

Filming Equipment isn’t provided by FNI for the competition, All equipment is to be provided by participants and the security therein is with the participant. Your Equipment is used at your own risk. There will however be a small number of allotted editing machines over the weekend at Griffith College for participants which are limited.

The Writer and Director retain the screening rights, However all films are required to Place FNI and sponsor logos in the end credit card.

Yes, a re-edit is permitted and you can do with your completed film as you wish afterwards. We will be asking some of the Films which are highlights to be part of a highlight reel of the event, and to feature in part in our potential beta version of our future streaming service FNI Watch.

You don’t need to, But Ideally yes. Will save you a lot of time.
There will be actors there of course and that’s what the networking night is also for.

Actors will yes. But It’s advised that you book a package, which covers your whole team.

You will have time between the networking night to do as much prep as time allows, However you Can ONLY shoot between the 20th to 21sth of October.

Now we are REALLLLLLY EXCITED, FNI has partnered with Arri international, Windmill lane and Film Equipment Store to bring this festival to an even wider audience.

FNI Fastfest

Again all of this is about Joining forces with up to 5 professionals/enthusiasts so you can collaborate on projects and build your network ultimately form a longer career collaboration.

With this partnership, teams of 5 members can participate in the FNI Fast Fest challenge, putting their skills to the test in this exciting and challenging festival.

Scripts of up to ten pages are acceptable to shoot. But edits must be a tight 10 mins for screening or will not be screened, (No Exceptions).  This also gives you a better shot to enter Film Festivals afterwards.

We feel this partnership and new competition provides vitality and a fantastic opportunity for both our group, buy me a coffee supporters and wider community members to showcase their talents and build their networks.

What is Film Network Ireland?

Film Network Ireland is a grassroots-based film organisation with thousands of followers, a sterling reputation, and connections with the main players and figures in Ireland’s film industry. As we strive to fill the gap left by the closure of Filmbase, we continue to evolve to match the needs of our members online and in person. FNI now hosts a popular Podcast with over 190 episodes, A Youtube channel, networking events across the country online and in person.

Essentially, if the Irish film industry needs it, we’re going to help provide it. 

Would you like to be part of the next generation of Irish filmmakers’ exciting journeys, Become a member to get the most out of fni on BuymeACoffee.com/fni.

We’ve worked and collaborated with amazing Artists such as Ewen Bremner, Lenny Abrahamson, Frank Berry, Emma Donoghue, Fastnet Film Festival, The Cork International Film Festival, The Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival, The Achill Island Film Festival, Still Voices, Irish Equity, as well as over Some guests of our popular industry podcast FNI Wrapchat include Lenny Abrahamson, Declan Lowney, Michael Smiley, Aisling Franciosi, Lee Cronin, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Peter McKenna, Clare Dunne, Ann Skelly, Eva Birthistle and many many more.

Our hugely talented network of contacts has led to us establishing our own unique Mentors programme of over 70 Heads of department and experienced professionals. That were willing to take time out from their busy respective careers to mentor up-and-coming film and tv professionals and to provide help, encouragement, and engagement.

So what's happening?

FNI FastFest consists of three events, the information and networking night, the main 72 hour shoot and screen event and the screening event.

Before you purchase your tickets, please fill out this online form:


Join us on the 12th October FREE Online FastFest information and speed networking night. Although this is free, you need to register.


Join us on 20th, 21st and 22nd October in Griffith College where the main event takes place. There'll be mentors at hand to help.


Join us soon after for the screening of the films as well as awards which include cash prizes, equipment vouchers, mentorships...

📅 Dates: November 13th at 6.30pm
📍Location: Lighthouse Cinema, Market St S, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 R6YE, Ireland
💲Entrance: €10 (or 6 for €50)

ℹ️ Event Schedule:
6.30pm Drinks reception thanks to Dublin CIty Brewing Company (great networking opportunity)
8pm Live podcast recording (for FNI Wrap Chats 200th episode!).
8.40pm Screenings of all the films made during the FNI Fast Fest event with awards at the end of the night.


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