The Green List

Film Network Ireland in conjunction with One Productions are looking for your script, to help you spotlight your work!

Have you had a short or feature script that’s won awards, or got so close to funding that you were opening bottles of Champagne, but it didn’t quite happen for one reason or another.

Well. Welcome to the Greenlist. We’re looking for potential Productions to shine a light on and breathe some well needed life once again into them. To give them a chance. We also want to create a database of in produced scripts.

In the form of table reads, we will bring a wealth of Acting talent together and highlight your work to try to bring it to the attention of the right people, at the right time. Just in time for 2021.

If you’re an Actor with great sight reading skills, a great attitude and would like to contribute also. Drop us a mail.

In order to contribute to the Production we need your feedback on this video for the Greenlist, to explore it’s potential going forward.

So it’s very important that you leave us a testimonial of what you thought. Remember though, this is just a proof of concept to gain Interest and help us develop the platform further. Watch, share on socials and engage with us.

So. If you’re a writer and you know your script is great and feel it didn’t reach it’s full potential. This Show/Podcast may be for you.

Let’s do something… Make a name for yourself.

#TheGreenList #WeAreFni


The Green List


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Amazing fast and reliable customer support! The team of developers are willing to go an extra mile for customer service! Thanks
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FNI keeps me up to date and most importantly FNI helped me to connect with the right people and a few jobs. A truly wonderful recourse for the film industry.
FNI is a very important component of Irish media arts as it provides a much needed platform for all at all levels; from the novice to the experienced professional. I’m delighted to be involved and thankful for their support.

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