Screenwriting 101. Special introduction online Classes to Screenwriting with Ip Wischin

Film Lectures on Functional Moviemaking – Techniques to avoid formulaic movie concepts. 

Ip has taken many classes with FNI over the last years and is delighted to be offering a new intro series of 3 Classes this August for just 60e. Places are limited.

ScreenWriting 101 is Formulated by internationally respected film scholar, Dr. Ippolit Wischinsky who is known in some countries as Ip Wischin, “Screenwriting 101” is an exciting new series that strips dramaturgy down to its bones and gets to the heart of what really makes a story beautiful. 

Register for online video link by emailing 

[email protected] and payment is available via PayPal or transfer

Eschewing the run-of-the-mill stuff you get from scriptwriting books (mostly telling you how to follow a formulaic three-act paradigm, yawn), Ip has drawn from his years of experience working with some of the finest script doctors and directors in America to craft a new set of tools that will be invaluable for every serious script-writer and filmmaker.

Born in Russia in 1963 Ippolit Wischinsky came early to the West, where he made his first independend movie DOOMSDAY TRIPTYCH which was long considered lost but is now being restored with the help of public funding. Mr.Wischinsky began his career as intern working with Academy Award winner Milos Forman and other refugees from the east at Columbia University, New York. He also worked as writer and script coach for Federal Austrian Television. For 10 years he was head of Pygmalion Theatre in Vienna. He wrote several award winning plays and toured the world with some of his performances. His rendition of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis was shown more than 600 times all over the world. In addition to his script-doctoring work, Ip Wischinsky has consulted to many blue-chip companies on their public image and has been instrumental in the development of many of their major campaigns. Ip is also active in various areas of pedagogy – most recently he initiated the ‘Vienna Goes L.A.’ program, an after-school activity for Austrian children, teaching them how to use filmmaking as a tool to overcome cultural boundaries. Ippolit Wischinsky gives lectures about movie language around the globe including Hollywood. Last year he gave a TED-talk on corporate storytelling. Recently He have lectures at the University for Economics St.Gallen, the Art University Linz, FilmArche Berlin and several Austrian academies.

1.Why film isn’t slices of life and how to become fluent in film as a language ( August 12th, 6pm-8pm)

2.Show, don’t tell, like a pro  (Aug 14th, 6pm-8pm)

3.Characters are like signs on a screen – good dialogue is meaningful noise (Aug 19th, 6pm to 8pm)

4.Visual style – myth busting of rules (Aug 21st, 6pm to 8pm)


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